10 worst Tweets ever

I’m not sure if I created this prompt or not (“Create the 10 worst tweets ever”), but the following is what I wrote in my writing group when we used this prompt:

  1. Found half your beagle’s ear. Put in freezer. Isn’t his name Rexie?
  2. Rollo, Rollo, where are you, Rollo?  Rollo? Rollo? Where are you, Rollo?
  3. New toothpaste. Not the whitening one but the tartar prevention one. Not enough sparkles.
  4. What are the sparkles in toothpaste made up of? If I turn the night light out, will they glow green?
  5. PO Box 9617 Skokie IL. Don’t send me anything. Please. I beg you. Don’t.
  6. Tweetometer–new invention. Measures tweetability. This tweet measures -34.
  7. Forgot ear was in freezer. Power off. Smells really bad. Do you still want it?
  8. My cat played with her tail for 3 minutes. I changed diapers 8 times today.
  9. Corn is a fruit, isn’t it? No, that’s tomatoes. Corn is sister to soy, right?
  10. The answer is blowing in the wind. Quit staring. Go catch it. The answer. Or…

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