follow your curiosity

I am fascinated by wind turbines. And I don’t know why.

If I sat down and wrote about wind turbines, I would learn why those spindly, whirling, giant metal beings in wind farms draw me to them.

I would list my questions–there are so many of them. What happens to turbines when a tornado strikes? How far down into the ground do the turbines need to be planted in order for them to stay anchored during bad weather? What keeps the blades attached? Is there an elevator inside the wind turbine shaft? What are the ecological effects of planting a wind farm? Who maintains the things? How much electricity does one wind turbine generate? Who legislates wind farms? What kind of legislation is needed?

That’s a small start. My questions generate more questions. I told you. I’m fascinated.

I can bet that I’d write a kick-ass piece on wind turbines, not because I’d do the research well, but because my curiosity propels me and creates a passionate attention to the subject.

Driving across Texas this past summer with my son, I kept jumping up and down in the passenger seat and pointing out the line of turbines stretching across distant mesas. And I encountered a writing challenge: what metaphor, what simile, what image could I use to describe these beings?

I have finally found that image. I’ll share it when I finish that piece.

Trust your curiosity. Follow your questions. Respect your meandering mind. Your writing muscles will thank you. Your inner child who always asks “Why?” will delight in the play.


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