avoid Hoovering

You may read the title of this blog post both literally and figuratively.

1) Literally – When you have committed to writing time, DO NOT break out the vacuum cleaner because all of a sudden you feel dust bunnies nipping your toes when they’ve lain dormant for the last three weeks. We all have our go-to distractions. That pressing email. That load of laundry. That new blog you want to read. Get to know these accomplished detour inviters. Banish them from your writing time.

2) Figuratively – Do not write in a vacuum. Writing is solitary enough. Find a writing group or writing buddy. Find a mentor. Find a face-to-face encounter that nourishes your growth with this craft.

I just participated in the DIY MFA‘s Weekend Writing Sprint. Writing Instigator, Gabriela Pareira, emphasized this idea of building community and finding mentors. Check out the website to find ways to avoid the vacuum. But not during your writing time. Put down that Hoover!


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