Email        sdshattuck at gmail dot com

Mailing Address    2954 N. Campbell Ave. #142, Tucson AZ 85719

2 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi, Sandy,
    A voice out of your past. Are you still in Tucson, teaching at :Pima? I retired last year after 42 years at the community college and am writing a book on the “early” days of Pima, 1969-79. If you are still in Tucson I would love to get together and share my ideas with you. You website is impressive and I am sure your work is rewarding. I am in contact with Lyle H-T frequently. Divorce is tough on anyone.
    Take care,

    René (JC, ’74)

    • Great to hear from you. Congratulations on retirement–sounds as if you’re like so many of my retired friends–busier than ever. Yes, I’m still at Pima. Would love to hear your ideas, so give a call or email. I sent an email to the email connected to your post.

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